“(...) is brought to us to celebrate Chile´s indigenous roots through an honest collaboration between the Buchahueico community and San Pedro winery”


Tayu is brought to us from the southern Chilean region of Malleco, elaborated by indigenous Chilean families in the community of Buchahueico. The Mapuche, which means “people of the land”, have a connection to the earth that goes beyond what can be understood enologically.

They have worked together with San Pedro's winemakers, to harness their intimate knowledge of the soils and craft a Pinot Noir that truly expresses origin.

Tayu, which means “Ours” in Mapudungun, is the proud result of this special winemaking endeavor... presenting a new understanding of the variety, based on a traditional approach to nature, which values family and respect above all. And when you drink this Pinot Noir, you too become a part of this community.



Malleco Valley

Varietal Composition
100% Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir has a intense ruby red color, the nose reveals notes of fresh red fruit, like cherries, along with spicy and herbal notes, like Chilean wild herbs paico and boldo, as well as peppermint.

This is a very fresh wine with a tense structure, revealing the effect of the granitic soil. It has vibrant acidity, that persists through the long finish.

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"Tayu, wich means “Ours” in Mapudungun"



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